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Yuzhu Feng Berg

Yuzhu Feng

Yuzhu Feng is East Kunlun Range's highest Peak. It is close the city of Golmud, which has daily rail service. Its north and south base camps are less than 10 km from the paved, busy Qinghai-Tibet highway, currently the main overland route into Tibet from China. Jeeps, trucks, even minivans can make it to the basecamps.

Yuzhu Feng's south slope route is an easy glacier walk with a gain of only 1500 m; its north slope route involves more tricky glacier travel with steeper gradients and numerous crevasses. The north base camp elevation is 4300 m, south base camp elevation is 4800 m.

Because of its convenient approach and the easy south slope, Yuzhu Feng has become Chinese mountaineers' beginner peak. However, in May 2000 5 people died in a storm on Yuzhu Feng.