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Buka Dabam Berg

Buka Dabam Berg

Measuring 6860 meters above sea level, Buka Dabam Feng, the highest peak in Qinghai Province, lies in the Kunlun Shan Range where the east end of Arkatag Shan and the west end of Bukaluk Tag meet in Golmud County of Haixi Prefecture in . Qinghai Province. As the boundary Xinjiang and Qinghai, it is located at 90.9 0 N.

Buka Dabam Feng, meaning “ Ridge of Wild Ox” in Uygur language, is engulfed by a multitude of high peaks of more than 6000 meters in height. Towering above the peak group around it, it stands as far as some 4 kilometers away from a 6671-meter-high peak to its east, facing it from 4 kilometers with tremendous mementum while snowfields stretch in unbroken chains on it.

Deep in inland China, Buka Dabam Feng is under the effect of the conti-nental climate of warm temperate zone on highland and high peaks. With the arid and piercingly cold weather, the lowest temperature in a Yyear may be 30℃ while strong wind of force 11 to 12 may be frequent in winter seasons. Agre-able mountianeering season is in the month between June and September then there are gentle wind, scanty rain, white clouds and a blue, clear and boundless sky.

Located at the prairie fringe of the temperate zone overgrown with luxure-ant forage grass, vast expanse of splendid achnatherum, and short shrub forests, Buka Dabam Feng is also the haunt of such wild animals as wild oxen, Tibetan geyelles, Mongolian gayelles, white-lipped deer, pantholop hodgsoni and Asiatic wild asses. On the plateau pastureland, camels stride proudly ahead while flocks of oxen, sheep and horses can be found everywhere. What makes it all the more important is that the stratum here holds in rich store of mineral re-sources of copper, iron, gold and so on.

The route line to the mountain. First, after a 200-kilometer drive west-ward from the city of Golmud to Urt Moron township, ride on horse back and go down southward. Then, having passed Boluntay, you will find yourself at the piedmont of Buka Dabam Feng at the end of the glacier. The journey from Urt Moron to the mountain foot totals some 200 kilometers.