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Qogir K2 Berg

Qogir K2 Berg

“Qogir”, in Tajik language, means “ tall and magnificent”. The main peak of Karakorum Shan Range, the 8611- meter Qogir Feng is also the second highest peak in the world, which is named K2 Feng abroad.

At 76.5 0E and 35.9 0N, Qogir Feng is located in the middle section of Karakorum Shan, the part of which in china is in Yecheng Autonomous County of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Karakorum Shan, over 6000 meters above sea level, stretches long and unbroken for several thousan kilometers, running northwest-southeast. With high peaks (including Qogir Feng) clustering in the mountain range, there are four peaks of the world level over 8000 meters in height which are linded alosely together. On the east side of Qogir Feng is Broad Feng (805 meters high). Suc-cessive in order is