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Hangtengri Feng Berg

Hangtengri Feng Berg

Lying at 80.2 0E and 42.2 0N, the 6995-meter Hangtengri Feng is listed as the second highest among the peaks in the section of the Tian Shan Moutain Range in the Chinese territory, among which the highest stands 20 kilometers to the south of it.

Located on the main ridge line of South Tian Shan, Hangtengri Feng pos-sesses five major ridges: the West Ridge, the Northwest Ridge, the North Ridge, the Northeast Ridge and the Southeast Ridge, among which the West and the Southeast Ridges combine to form the boundary between China and Kaze-khstan with the south side in China.

The magnificently high and steep Hangtengri Feng is capped by snow all the year round and frequented by ice and snow avalanches. The open and wide south wall, in particular, abounds in faults, precipices and gullies. The snow slope, like a jade wall, towers below the firmanment, making people stop advancing in terror at the sight of it.

With its complicated geological features, Hangtengri Feng is part of the nucleas of fold and fracture anticlinorium, thus producing a terrian of steep-stand lie of mountains, dangerously precipitous peaks and crisscrossing gullies. There-fore, even up to this day when mountaineering activties have greatly devel-oped, no mountaineers have so far visisted the south slope in China.

In 1937, the former Soviet Mountaineering Team Successfully ascented the summit from the north slope.