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Huangguan Feng Berg

Huangguan Feng Berg

Rising 7295 meters above sea level at 76.2 0E and 36.1 0N, Huangguan Feng is situated in the tributary range on the north side of the Yinsugaidi Glacier valley which lies in the middle section of the Krarkorum Shan Range, northwest of Qogir Feng. Looking far into the distance, you will find it just like a crown on a king’s head and it is thus so called.

Though not up to 8000 meters, it is famous for its lofty, dangerous and steep top, the precipitons walls and frequent snow and ice avalanches. A s early as the end of the 19th centyry, the explorers from abroad had explored and in-vestigated it for many times along the Yinsugaidi Glacier but achieved little. In this century, when mountaineering has developed to a great extents, the Japanese Mountaineering Team had sent out two batches successively, who went on expeditions and tried to scale the peak on the two occasions of 1985 and 1987. In spite of the good preparation, the attempt ended in failure. Thus, as is called, it still remains to be a virgin peak with a crown, waiting to be taken off.

It shares roughly the same route line with that of Qogir Feng. A-20-kilo-meter travel to the west from Yinhong Tan up Yinsugaidi Glacier brings you to the C campsite at the south foot of Huangguan Feng, which is 4410 meters above sea level. Three thousand nine hundred and fourty-six meters away from one end of the Yinsug-aidi Glacier rests the moun-taineering base camp site.