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Xuelian Feng Berg

Xuelian Feng Berg

At 80.9 0E and 42.3 0N, Xuelian Feng, measuring 6624 meters above sea level, lies in Wensu County of Xinjiang, 66 kilometers to the mortheast of Tomür Feng – the highest beak in the part of Tian Shan in China.

Three ridge dwell in Xue lian Feng: the Southwest Ridge, the North Ridge, the East-west Ridge, on which stand many peaks of aBbove 6000 meters in height. To the west of Xuelian Feng is Aketasi Feng at an altitude of 6433 me-ters, which is only 6 kilometers away from it. Linked to each other, the two peaks look so much alike as to be just like twin sisters.

Viewed from afar and capped in a vast expanse of white snow all the year round, Xuelian Feng appears right to be a snow-lotus in full bloom. Tall and magnificent as it is and deep and steep as its valley are, Xuelian Feng remains to be graceful and elegent.