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Gasherbrum Feng Berg

Gasherbrum Feng Berg


At 76.7 0E and 35.7 0N, Gasherbrum Shan of 8080 meters in height stands on the main ridge line of Karakorum Shan and is listed as the second heightest peak in the world. Twenty-six kilometers southeast of Qogir Feng is the bound-ary between China and Kashmir Area (actually controlled by Pakistan)


“Gasherbrum”, meaning “the shining mountain ridge with brilliant rays”, is made up of 6 ridges: the Northwest Ridge and the East Ridge. The peak side being tall and vast and with its precipitous ravinse, Gasherbrum Shan, the main peak, looks just like a giantic pyramid. In the steep valley on the east slope are Aluerqin Glacier and Derduke Glacier, which has many open and hidden crevasses, deep, large and crisscrossing.


Similar in climsate to Qogir Feng area, Gasherbrum Shan area enjoys roughly the same route line leading to the mountain as that of Qogir Feng. Tramp over Agele Daban, and you will get into Karaqin River valley. Finally, it takes 50 kilometers to walk east, turn southeast and reach the 4250-meter Bulake mountaineering base camp site.


On July 4, 1958, two persons from the American Mountaineering Team, Peter and A•J•Kauffman, made the first cuccessful ascent of the summit. But due to the complicated and steep terrain on the Chinese side, ice and snow avalanches often occur and nobody has yet made it on the east slope.